Security is a way of life.

The phenomenon of personal development has started to attract a lot of attention both in our country and in the surrounding countries. Motivation seminars, success books, and stories of people starting from scratch and appealing to millions were a big trigger. All this motivation, positive thinking, affirmations for dreams are beautiful and make people happy. But in this article, I would like to talk about the different and most important dimension of personal development. The pain in us!

I've been a positive thinker all my life. Of course, I have benefited a lot from thinking positively, being cheerful and spreading joy around. When I looked at where I am now, I realized that these were not what actually improved me. All of this supported me to perceive my life more enjoyable and quality, but there is such a feeling that I owe all my progress and progress to it. This feeling was the pain in me. "Come on, pain?" I can hear you say.

If you had $ 1 billion right now, where would you be reading this article? Is it at home, at work, at your school or where you are now? If you're happy with your current circumstances, why change it? If your current standards are sufficient for you, you won't feel the need to change them. In short, you are now living in a place called "comfort zone". The comfort zone is your safe zone and, unfortunately, it is very susceptible to behaviors like laziness. The most effective thing to get you out of this area is pain. The pain of wanting to live in better conditions. The pain of not liking your circumstances and wanting to have the better.

No Pain, No Gain

This phrase sums up personal development very well. There is no gain without pain. I want to tell you a little story. It's about Sylvester Stallone, whom everyone knows so well. Most of us have known him as "Rocky".

Sylvester was a young screenwriter and actor who went to production companies 150 times with Rocky’s script in hand. He says that although there were 10 production companies at that time, he went to each of them at least 15 times. Once he fell asleep at the door. He says that in their most financially difficult situation, he and his wife and dog went hungry for a long time and went to the library 5 km away to warm up. At that time, a relative of his wife found Sylvester a job in the market. A job where he can earn nearly $ 900 a month, get rid of all his troubles, feed his stomach, and meet his warming and shelter needs. If you were, would you accept this job? Most people's answer is yes. But interestingly, Sylvester did not accept this job and sold his dog, his dear friend, for $ 50 to eat. When asked why he did not accept that job, he said magnificently about the pain that is the subject of my article:

“At that time, I had a script that represented my dreams, and I felt the pain of not being able to film that script every day. If I had accepted the job, I would have relaxed a little, my standards would rise and my pain would be lessened. My script would be in a corner. By not accepting that job, I kept the pain inside me. Six months later, I had the power to buy my dog for $ 3,000. I have achieved all this because of the pain inside me. "

As you can see from this example, if you have pain in you, you take all the risks to improve yourself. However, if you are in the comfort zone and do not intend to get out of there, your personal growth will be limited to books only. What pain do you have in you to achieve your dreams?