Security is a way of life.

“What do I need, my dear, these are ridiculous things, what the heck is it NLP, when I learn and improve myself, I will behave better to my child and my wife. Will I learn to be a husband or a father from Americans!!"

"Yes true. I want 1.000 $ right now. And I sent the necessary message to the universe, this money will come to me."

Although it is a bit of a harsh entry, unfortunately, that money will not go to that person that way. Overview of the people Personal Development in Turkey was in this condition. However, this point of view has started to change with the quality work of some organizations, among which Livcon has a large share. With this change, the Personal Development sector really started to get its right. In the remainder of my post, “What is Personal Development? What is not? " I will try to answer your questions. And in a simple language that you can easily understand, I will talk about the contents of Personal Development in my next article.

“Morpheus: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.

(Neo reach out the red pill.)

Those who watch the movie The Matrix will remember this scene very well. What I want to say, you have two options. You can either continue your routine life by choosing to close this post right now, or you can see how deep the rabbit hole is by choosing the red pill. And with the information given by reading this article, you can become aware of the difference and reach everything you want to achieve in your life with this awareness. The choice is yours.

If you think Personal Development consists of just three or five books and sending a message to the universe, you are the victim of those who made this sector this way. So what is this Personal Development? The personal state of the development that everyone talks about, which he uses to show off his conversation in cafes and bars when appropriate, but that no one can put into practice in his life?

Personal Development means freedom. However, what I mean by freedom is not the freedom to spread and lie down every day, but to be disciplined to have the strength to reach the goals. "Well, my dear brother, you did not bullshit, what a free man has to do with discipline!" If you say, I want to make a quote that will allow you to look at this case from a different perspective.

During the training, he asked a question, the CEO of Livcon firm, Uzm. Psk. Metin Çınaroğlu. His question was: "How many people can play the piano in this room?" Nobody raised a hand. And then he added: “So are you all free to play the piano? If you say yes, you are free, play the piano. Isn't it so simple, there are only notes standing next to each other, I want you to push them using your freedom. However, you cannot play because in order to have the freedom to play the piano, you must first practice hard enough to learn how to play the piano by disciplining yourself. Then you really have the freedom to play the piano. " Realizing the awareness these words create in you makes me happy too. To explain the subject a little more, if you really want to be free about something, you need internal discipline to work on that subject. And you can start to have freedom thanks to the sacrifices you will make while doing the necessary work.

While thinking about the concept of "Freedom" that we have re-framed, you can think about what freedom you want now (I don't know which freedom you want yet, and I just want you to think about the subject you want to be free) what you need to do to reach it. While you are thinking about this, an inner voice will ask you the question: "What would you put up with for your dreams?" If you answer this question "I do everything!" If you want to respond and take action, believe it and start improving yourself. Not tomorrow, start now! You may even notice that you have started this while reading this article. And with the happiness that this awareness gives you, you have now stepped into the Personal Development world. I congratulate you and thank you for your courage.